Thursday, 30 April 2015

Aagna a Bridge to universe..

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Our SRANA Guru with us to do finish our karma…

Aagna a Bridge to universe..

We discussed about the three bodies physical body, Embody (Mind body) and Spiritual Body (Third Body, Soul). Nature gave a bridge to connect all these three bodies with a point that is called Aagna Chakra. This Chakra is working as a Gateway to see our inner senses through our physical world.

Through the Aagna Chakra Any, one can connect physical body with Embody and your Soul. Need to start entering in Spiritual World or Cure your Physical and mental Oriented Problem and want do thapas. First Connect and migrate all three bodies in one line and make Bridge travel all these bodies.

Well,  Now This Aagna Chakra is between your Eye Brows this pin point is the Bridge to See all the eternity and universe. In Srana yoga it’s a simple way to pass through the bridge.

Yogi will continue..

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