Thursday, 30 April 2015

Practice of Srana Yoga Make a Man Perfect.

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Our SRANA Guru Offer us whatever we ask..

In a simple way whenever a well expertise mechanic ride a bike and he easily find the fault on that vehicle. How it is possible? He inserts his deep thoughts (conceptions) and his mind travel in entire and every spares of the vehicle. He can here its abnormal sounds and his entire attention to watch inside of the Vehicle to find out the Problem with that vehicle.

Just like that by tuning your chakras through Srana Yoga any one can travel in their entire body and find root of the problems. As well they can find solution for their all their problems. Only thing is Practice..  Practice..  Practice of Srana Yoga Make a Man Perfect.

I assure this is not for their problems they can find the root cause for the others problems also. When a swimmer can swim anywhere, like lake, river, pond or Sea and Ocean only thing is required water..

Yogi will continue..

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