Monday, 27 April 2015


Srana Guruve Namaha!!

In the Universe Earth is a Great planet for Living Creatures Especially for Human Species. The Earth is covered with five Energies Called Pancha Boodhas ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky). Those Same energy is Driving the Human Body by all the means and manners. Do Know that there are 72 thousands Naadis and the Cluster of Naadis were Combined with CHAKRAS. These Chakras Conected with Pancha Boodhas. By Tuning the Chakras Any one can control these Energies.

This Blog I created to get the Universal Cosmic Energy Can used to do our Day to day Work. The Perception about Mind Body and Soul.

Our Great SRANA GURU, Who Lived Thousands of Years Back in Himalayas and he is Now Blessing us to do our SRANA YOGA for the Better Life Style.

Here I Start.
I am Sampath Yogi..

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