Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Srana Yoga is not at all a meditation its a Simple Practice

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Srana yoga, A simple Practice Anybody can do this without any Particular perception. Thats why Our SRANA GURU Thought a simple way of meditation. 

Srana Yoga is not at all a meditation its a Simple Practice for Mind Body and Soul. 

For Mind:
On Practicing Srana Yoga First of All you can Control Your Mind. Usually Mind Control Every thing including your Brain. Most of the Problem for the human is just because of Mind Control. Later let us discuss elaborately.

For Body:
By Practicing the Srana Yoga the Most advantage for the Physical Body. Day to day Human Body getting Problems due to the Harmon Gimmicks. All the Glands work Properly in its schedules means nothing will affect the body. Here with our Yoga all the glands Cleaned by our yoga and scheduled in its way.

For the Soul:
Here the only way to clean the SOUL is Srana Yoga. All the three (Mind Body and Soul) Inter connected by various ways. this connection Make our Souls Fulfillment through the Practice the Srana Yoga.

Will continue..

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