Saturday, 2 May 2015

Living of Life is a an Art

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Our SRANA GURU Shows the Way of Living..

Living of Life is a an Art, Life is to enjoy every moment,  Yesterday was Passed and tomorrow will be Question, Without any hesitation the human is to enjoy their life with a disciplined way. How to live? How a human can enjoy their moments? How discipline need to be followed? These were all the questions before them. Need the answers to fulfill their wills and wishes. Greats saints were all already answered for these questions.

The yesterday’s happenings were all expired and no more yesterday, and leave the worries about the past. No need to make extraordinary plans for tomorrow, because your plans were all may be changed by the nature. Need to enjoy whatever you have. If you supposed to eat a the dish which you hate, do not omit it, instead taste that enjoy the difference. First make your mind what are happen today must be enjoyed.

On occurrence of sorrow, you cannot change or do against it. Just watch whatever happens. If you did a mistake, realize the mistake and again watch. Life is blend of changing elements. Some times its Static sometimes it’s dynamic. Srana Yoga Teaches the way of living life.

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