Friday, 8 May 2015

Srana Yoga lead your life

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Our SRANA GURU Shows the Way of Living Through SRANA YOGA..

Simple of way of doing yoga to obtain the inner peace. Decision making is a toughest job in the universe. We don’t know whether our decision is right and suits for the problem. Doubt until the decision will work out. The confused stages decision making without any peace would not give you the right solution. It’s like fishing in a diffed pond. Clarity and worthiness of the decision cannot be satisfy the problem or a situation.

Better decision made while doing our SRANA YOGA show us a right way to touch your goals. The decision will always right to exact. While you got the inner peace, your views and predictions were all righteous. Then the decisions can be reach the fully solutions. FISHING IN A CLEAR POND INSTEAD OF DIFFUSED POND. Practice SRANA YOGA everywhere and any time. Srana Yoga always shows you lead your life clearly without confusion and diffusion.

Yogi will continue..

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