Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Concept of Yoga..

General Concept of Yoga..

Basic Need is to Practice….
8 types of Pranayama,
6 Types of Cleaning (Satkarma, Physical)
4 Types of Sudhis

These were all the Preliminary Exercises to carry out, and practice regularly to make your body and mind to start the Yoga. It’s a chain process completely and continuously done with all the steps regularly to make your mind and body towards the SOUL.
Slowly the First and Second bodies were nearing the soul, That can be realized and feel the soul. You can hear your own heartbeat. The desire for regular activities like eat & sleep come down. Especially the Anger will be minimized.
Once the overflowing of Cosmic energy means they can communicate with universal things.. They can learn anything easily in a very short span. The level of understanding things comparatively High.
The Eternal LOVE flows in the entire First and Second Body and well mixed with soul means they starts offer their loves to the entire universe. Start love mother nature and they fully understand that they were the Product of the Nature. They love even a Piece of stone before them and even animals, All the products of nature given to them.

Stay Tuned..
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