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Path of Sranayoga,

Path of Sranayoga,

Dark(Ignorance) is the nature of this world, Very Very few only have eye (Gnana) see through the dark and escape from it. The light of gnana is essential for a Human, Human is the only being in the world is still fight to live their lives. But it does not know a medicine, that get out all these miseries within. But no one will try to come out from that. The love purest form as silence, on the colour of white. the serene virtue leads the being into it. To reach this state there is life time practice is needed. 

Bhagavan Buddhas basic teachings were all, SARVAM DHUKHA MAYAM. Dhukam, Dhukka Karan, Dhuka Nivaran, Dhuka Nivaran Marg. Because entire world is polluted by the human only. Human dont have real compassion, which leads to ahimsa, Ahimsa leads to Satyam, Control of Ego by the Gunas restrain. these chain of practice make you silence. "THIS GREAT SILENCE IS A MUSIC WITHOUT SOUND"

People nowadays used to pray only to get something, they are ready to do lot of Atonement (Parihaar). These were all not the means of a Prayer. Always a prayers were all only for others, never ask for self. Instead they can search and worship the self and heard the voice of themselves. there the Supreme Reality Resides. To hear we need silence. to get the bliss, wisdom, light of silence there a very good channelized practice with a presence of a guru is needed. 

Need to follow the 3 fold path, 
First path is Swadhey: Listening and Reading regularly about the Sranayoga, Which increase the vyragya.
Second Path is: The Discipline which were all follow to attain a stage, Practice Dharana and Dhyana. 
Third path is: Practicing the Aasana and Pranayama without any break regularly, And inner Meditation, and travelling in self, Need to learn properly with the guru. 

This continues practice gives a lot of Realization and experience. Through that one can gain the state of Pure Love, with silence, Then they can hear the voice of the self. 

Path of Srana Yoga,
Srana Yoga Invites you to live a Youth full, Anger Free, Stress Free and  Deceases less,
A full filled Loved Human.  

யோகத்தின் பாதை:
ஸ்ரண யோகா இளமையான, கோபமில்லாத, மன அழுத்தம் இல்லாத நோய் நொடி இல்லாத 
எல்லோராலும் நேசிக்கபடும் ஒரு முழமை வாழ்வு வாழ அழைக்கிறது.

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