Sunday, 7 February 2016

What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 2

What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 2
I spoke to many, many people they told that many exercise regularly doing. Many Breathing exercises, Suthis they regularly doing. “I am doing yoga for half an hour every day”, “I am doing 12 types of yogic exercise daily”, “I attend many classes for breathing exercise like kapalapati and practicing those were all regularly”, “I am a regularly practicing meditation even if I go to temple I will sit 15 minutes  alone and doing meditation”, “ I know suthis, deha suthis, manasuthi, prana suthi and nadi suthi every fortnight I am cleaning all through these suthis”, they thought these were all the yoga and these practices lead them to get what they expected. My answer is simply NO.

These were all the preliminary stages of practices done before start your yoga practice. Make your mind body to make them clear and flexible to start the yoga. The human eating anything, drinking anything, thinking anything there is no end or limit. What they think they react and act like that. For their lives they may have discipline. That is only reflects on their attitudes. That’s only a shield of human. These preliminary exercise were all for the discipline for the mind and body to get these two ready to start a yoga. Because the soul very well knows the really of them so the inner discipline is required essentially in this stage. 

to be continued... 

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