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What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 4

What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 4

Yoga Path is not one day or one year process. The process slowly develop from your physical body to mind body and then reach the third body of realization. Then the yoga travel starts. In the third world there will not be any completed messages there will be only notes to be followed. The travel continue by following these notes to reach every mile stone. Still nobody touch the end and witnessed. To know the notes they need perception on that time only these preliminary exercise (discipline) is required. Understanding these notes is not a simple thing. Its not such easy thing to understand these notes. The seeker must be in complete silence and peace. Also the seeker need the huge quantity of Watchfulness. Some time seeker get the notes before the incident may be the mid of the incident many times after the incident the seeker can understand the notes. So it requires Patience witness to realize the notes before the incident. These notes were all not a complete message. its very short notes. From these notes the seekers deep discriminating and contemplative knowledge is required. otherwise seeker may misunderstand the result will ruin the incidents. 

Yoga is based on the ancient description on human metabolism there are 72,000 nadis controls a body. The human soul (cosmic energy or universal energy) is spread all over the body while the human grows, that energy too spread uniformly inside the body. This energy body is pinned with human body through these nadis. Nadi is imaginary points, where the physical body knotted with soul. Soul cannot be seen, like that if you operate or Dissection, nadis cannot be seen. As per the ancient scripts the nadis were connected  and based with the 5 prime energies on earth (Pancha Boothas), particular nadi can observe the particular energy, those nadis work for and with these energy. The nadis collectively controlled by CHAKRAS. Why they called as chakras means the shape of these power points were in the shape of round in particular texture and design. Once these chakras activated means it starts rotate very slowly. Chakra means wheel. The Basic Meditation Dharana and Dhyana must be performed in these energy points only. The Exercises like pranayama and Aasanas help the Practitioner develop the yogic way faster. The THREE FOLD PATH MUST BE FOLLOWED, One is the Physical Aasana and pranayama, Secondly the Disciplines of Derived by the Scriptures Strictly Followed Thirdly the meditation on these Nadis were the back bone of the Yogic Practices. 

Here a group of nadis were controlled by chakras. A group or cluster of nadis controlled by a micro, mini, minor, major and prime chakras. Cluster of Micro chakras controlled by mini chakra, group of mini chakras controlled by minor chakra, group of minor chakras controlled by major chakra finally group of major chakras were controlled by a prime chakra. There are 7 prime chakra in a group called Sushumna nadi (Soul). In yoga its only study about the nadis and chakras to get help from your soul. Through these nadis and chakras one can make their mind happy and make brain and mind in a equal position. These Seven Chakras were the Meditative and healing points. 

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