Sunday, 21 February 2016

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 5

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 5

A common man when he hears about yoga, usually they think this is simple meditation, like a morning exercise. If he little above that means that’s the way of sanyasam, again little more than means yoga is only for rishi, muni or sidhars. Till date no guru insists human to do along with their lives. If a sanyasi or rishi cannot use the yoga goodness for their lives. If a common man start enjoys the good ness of yoga means, he can grab a greater results and he can apply on his life directly. Every minute, every second he enjoys its goodness, He can apply on his every duty. That’s known as Yogic Life. Yoga doesn’t have any demerit or dis advantages. Practice in its manner go on gives you good ness and wellness. Only thing we need to practice regularly. They can reach their levels and stages time to time. Even yoga itself takes you and shows the way to go. Usually in common man’s life there is problem on continue with a duty. It always stuck, only because of hesitation. “Time is there”, “let’s do tomorrow” these hesitation must be avoided. Because every day it grows like a plant. Even they were not practiced particular day means there’s a little growth they can find. This continues grow need regular practice. The yoga stream must not disconnect.
In our Srana yoga “INDUCTION CLASSES” as a bridge from regular life to yoga life. Anyone who are entering in the yogic life must know why yoga, what is yoga and all know how. The details before they enter must know about the universe, yoga, third world, third body, nadis, chakras etc.. Because they were all going to insert yoga with their life. Basic and Fundamentals they must be taught must be a necessary one. If they understand the basic of yoga means they wilfully enter in the path of yoga and their respect on yoga will be maintained. They can easily identify they evaluation and happening with their body and mind. Already we discussed that yoga is not a one day or one year target, its grow with them and continue throughout their lives till it ends. So they must know the how to maintain the Srana Yoga along with them. The maximum knowledge about the system, concept all about they must understand then they started practice means they can able to understand the levels and enjoy the goodness.

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