Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 6

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 6
Only thing in any yoga is practice with guidance, Because Yoga is completely related with Human Cerebellum and brain area, So without guidance practice yoga may leads to disorder of mental. Yoga is a precious gift of nature to humanity. Proper guidance is important with a guru. People easily start like going gym or classical classes but they would not continue or practice the Srana Yoga regularly with dedication. People always think that if there is no income from their time spending means they will not continue. If a person start the Yoga and regularly practicing in its manner means, soon he will reach the preliminary stage and he need to be guided with the other Karma (Preliminary Exercises) like pranayama, sudhis etc.. If they get and enjoy the goodness of yoga means they continue without any hesitation. There Yoga Completely mixes with their lives. They continuously climb the further levels. Tired and hesitation must be avoided by the practitioner, One day or one week or a month they won’t reach any levels.
People used to ask me, Yogi i need to do yoga, But there will not be any change of practice of my regular worldly life, I used say no problem, you will live your as usual life also in addition you need learn and practice as per the teachings says. Yoga is not Sanyaas or leaving the regular life. Its is not useful to leftovers its is something great benefits in their common man's own life. there is nothing to change. Yoga disciplines always insists only the real good smart human being life with admixture of yoga. If you list the benefits of yoga means easily with a 10 minutes 100 benefits can be listed. But the seeker cannot expect anything from Yoga, because the Yoga is giving everything to the seeker. 
Yoga needs patience, aggressive practice. Try continuously to reach the levels, never try to lose the confidence on practice. That’s why keeping is problem here. Easy to start loss of confidence leads nothing. Get back to the normal life again without any gain. They need to wait once they gain something from it. Then they can realize the powers and the outcome of energy leads them. Yoga practice needs living with it, cannot say in word dedication, living with yoga walking in the path of yoga with a realization, taste the essence of yoga is Yogic Life.

Quitting is not a matter once a yogi quit practice yoga or discontinue only due to tired on realization. The level he reached was remain in same stage for several years and he can able to continue and regain the same stage where he discontinue, with few days he can reach the same stage where he left. That’s a wonder in Yoga. Also there will not any miracle happens. You cannot get any super human stage or something is not here. They can live the life better and which is useful to the society. Everyone knows Anger is an Evil Thing and they can control the Anger. Control their stress. 

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