Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 8

What Srana Yoga Give? PART – 8
In any part of the world, whenever Ego enters the humanity will vanish. The nature gifted us with humanity and along with the humanity little poison Ego also well mixed. Even in a conclusion of a problem it may bad ending only due to someone’s ego. Ego is worse than anger. Ego leads anger. Ego and anger confuse and diffuse the entire system. Negative thoughts mean not only bad habits. These two ego and anger ruin the whole constructive things. Sometimes that cause greater damages even to kill a human and dies of humanity. Ego will vanish only by knowing themselves. This the thing right from the beginning every MAHAN saying. First ego kills you and kills others. Root cause of anger is only one thing that’s your ego. A human being must know he wish to be a living being means he need to stay away from ego. For 99% of the problems created and grown only by the EGO only. Even between the countries the ego stays. Many of the wars in our worlds history because of Ego, Millions billions of people were killed on many of the wars because of Ego. Human Life is expensive product in the world.
It’s a precious one. Many of them taken because of ego.
The Only solution and coming out of these situations is “EVERY HUMAN MUST REALIZE THEMSELVES” There is a lot to be said. All the desire and emotion must be controlled only by the Knowledge of YOGA. That is the only one way to take the world to PEACE. Once they realize them self and respect the Mother Nature, Their they can find their Inner Peace. Let us Pay back our credit to our
great mother nature by serving a peace full human life.
In the Rajo and Thamo Gunas were play the roll of Ego, These Two gunas need to be controlled by the Satva guna. We already discussed the Thamo Guna is make you lazy, It do not allow you to do your duty, try to avoid, ignore, postpone the duty etc. In the other hand the Rajo Gun Always put you in Challenge. Kill your Humility If the Rajo take a Negative end and it never allow the duty to be finished. Make you inferior complex and put you in First anger, Craving, Vengeance etc. Finally put you to attain or die position on that stage a person became violent and any cost that person ready to do anything even kill a human or mob. Very Easiest way to control these two gunas a person need to take the way of Srana Yoga. This is the only way there to follow and live a life without any sorrow.
Desire and Emotion will make a person sick. Life, Wealth and Fame these wont make you slave, If one have Seriously attached and craving on loosing with these thing will cause you Misery.
There is no limit for full fill the need of a single human. because of absence of Contentment. Contentment will presence only by practice, For that he need to know what is contentment really how to follow the way, then only that will slowly come to you. Also good things always comes late rather bad things enters no time needed. so strive hard by vyragya person need to follow and practice properly to attain the stages. 

Do practice SRANAYOGA for H(W)ealthy Life…
to be continue...

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