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Eight Qualifications need for Sranayoga

Eight Qualifications need for Sranayoga

Sranayoga Need eight qualification as Base. After Following Yama and Niyama the Following qualification needs to understand the Practice. Step by step Qualification but one thing is A Guru must require to teaching properly, by giving lot of Examples proper explanations to guide all the way. Here is a simple intro to these qualifications.

1. Viveka:
Viveka the word itself tells the meaning. The right Knowledge, Here the right knowledge once the thing is heard, Object, Subject and Knowledge (Theory). Known well about the subject, understand, Contemplate and to be discriminated, Finally realisation or Experiencing. This must carried out continuously and get Viveka.

2. Vyragya:
Vyragya is the established and unshakable abidance on Practice. On every practice there are several obstacles will Arise. Without any discontinuation and break free practice, the Seeker strongly continuously practices the Sranayoga.

3. Shama:
In simple meaning is Quietening of Mind. Varies Sadhanas and Upasanas there to Practice to quietening the mind. Example even some sort of Pranayama for particular period lead us Quietens the mind.

4. Dhama:
Restrains Apart From Yama there are left over restrains are there to me followed on practice of Sranayoga.

5. Uparama:
Withdraw the Pleasure of enjoyment through the senses. Example: while eating your favorite dish was served you eat and the same was amazing as you expected you must not ask more. By control your senses take as served.    

6. Thithiksha:
Practice the mind balancing of two ends, Profit & Loss, Cold & Heat Etc. Finally treat the soil and gold equally. 

7. Shradha:
Abidance with humility: It’s a great thing one must follow to attain stages. Means Not only showing interest or dedication or Respect Etc.. Altogether is not fulfilling the word Shradha.   
8. Samadhan:
Samadhan is after following the all these qualification the person filled with content. With the world he is full and without the world he is full. The person called VIVEKI (Wise man)

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