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Path to Enter into the Path of SranaYoga:

Path to Enter into the Path of SranaYoga:

Generally Yoga is not an Action, Action less state is called yoga.

If anyone says i am doing yoga, that indicates that the person doesn't know about yoga or meditation. There is no work or doing. 
Also its a great discipline of yoga must be followed. Anushsanam. If a person is Ready to start Practicing Srana Yoga means, they need First required a Guru to induce, kindle the yogic pressure inside a gross body. It’s a travel between the gross body to Settle Body. The person slowly, steadily and strongly go on practicing is recommended. This practice must continue may be several years, this is called VYRAGYA. In single line yoga can be explained "Enter and to know yourself by you, through your self". The Continues listening or reading (Swadhey) is very important, Because the Pressure must not be down, due to dejection or disappointments.  

Vyragya Means with the STRONG, UNSHAKABLE, ESTABLISHED DECISION AND KEPT STRONG ABIDANCE and Practice for a Long Time make him YOGI.

Sranayoga Requires Tonnes of Discipline to be followed by all the way of Yogic Practices. Making the body perfect, These Discipline and virtue must be continue physical gross body and mind even while interacting with the World (Society).

Simply Sitting and closing the eyes and doing meditation is Yoga, Yoga was not there when there is Doer ship. When the person entering in the path of Yoga he needs to keep restrains and Regulations to be followed. Only after that he can start Pranayama and Aasana.  

As per Maharishi Patanjali YEMA AND NIYAMA is strictly followed. Once the discipline followed then the person basically eligible to the next step learns pranayama and Aasana.
These were all the steps to be climbed..


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