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Pranayama is have three stages Inhalation (Poorakam), Retention (Kumbhakam) and Exhalation (Rechakam) Pranayama to be done a month regular practice lead a person to start his yoga journey, and the find wide open doors for him. Literely Pranas were all the Air with Oxygen, But its the life force.

The Pancha Pranas their current flowing, their activities and characters a person need approach a proper guru to teach. Depends upon the situation the guru will guide them in a right way to get the result. This is done easily But regularly is a problem. Here the person must have Enough Vyragya to do this regularly, without any break. This pranayama Practice increase the seekers Yogic Growth. 

Prana: Inward Moving, Controls Heart chest Lungs. Respiration and Sensory Perception.
Abana: Descending moving, below navel. Elimination and reproduction.
Vyana: Diffusive, Peripheral Nerve System. Pervades entire body.
Samana: Equalizing, Navel. Digestion and metabolism.
Udana: Ascending, Throat, upper chest and Head. Thought, Exhalation and Growth.

As per the yogic science the living beings body consists of 5 koshas (Screen) the second screen is Pranamaya kosh, Which drives the Physical inner body. By Practicing the Pranayama Not only oxygen many minerals can be obtains various organs through the natural Air. Holing the lungs without air is the special practice. 

These were the little details about the Pranas. But the Really Pranas have numerous goodness and must practice in a right and disciplined way to grab its Fruit. The entire Physical and Mental systems were controlled by these Pranas. As per our Ancient Scripture you can electrify your body by Practicing this Pranayama Regularly.  

As per the Sutras of Pathanjali Maharishi Pranayama is in the 4th stage of yoga Practice. But he particularly explain the pranayama practice, takes the person to some advanced levels in yoga. Usually the physicians advice the patient to take a deep breath is nothing but pranayama to judge the balance of prana of the body. Its a simple practice to stay out of our mind for a moment. 

First a seeker need to understand that the Pranayama is the very essential practice for Yoga, Where they were all the Stimulant and catalyst for reach the stages in Yoga. With Pranayama the meditation (Dhyana) is very difficult. Alone Pranayama the seeker cannot reach the stages. Physical fitness (By Aasana Yoga) secondary, Only the practice with pranayama and Meditation in Subtle system (Chakra meditation) Properly is leads to the higher stages of Yogic Realizations. At least once in a day a seeker must spent at least 20 minutes on pranayama. If they can spare more time and extra practice is good basement for Yogic practice. It helps to build the Discipline as well the vyragya on Yogic practices. To keep the seekers Body Mind especially the brain Kept cool, So the Patience increases with seeker and that leads to get all the stages steadily. 

Yogi will Continue…

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