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The life Force Called Prana, As per our Ancient philosophy’s there were 5 types of Prana (Life Force Current) inside any of the Living being. They were called PRANA, ABANA, VYANA, UDANA AND SAMANA. There prana currents always flows even a person is in a deep sleep State (SUSUPTHI AVASTA).  The Breathing is not just taking oxygen from the Air. But through Pranayama various mineral will be collected for various organs to balancing all these Pranas.
As per our Vedanta the Pranayama Must carried out in various timings in Varies places with varieties of postures (Aasanas). That will help the person in absorbing mineral from the Air. The very important point is suppression of breathing must be changed depend upon the time and place will get the right energy. This Exercise need a good teacher to taught, then only a person gets right knowledge about the Pranayama and it helps in his life itself.

KaviPerarasu Vairamuthu indicated the importance of Pranayama, while advising a doctor to insist his patients as follows.

இழுக்கும் மூச்சு நுரை ஈரலின் தரையை தொடும் அளவிற்கு சுவாசிக்க பழக சொல்லுங்கள் 

Here Breathing exercise (Pranayama) is taking vital role in yoga. Even a person only doing pranayama regularly means he can cross without yoga (chakra Practice) REACHES some advanced level on yoga. From there he needs to start yoga. The regular yoga practice must follow pranayama YOGIC BREATHING is essential in all stages of yoga.  General people can practice regularly Bhastrika, Kapalapati, Anulomvilom and Brahmri, rest of these breathing exercises may be ignored. These pranayama can be practiced separately. For the yoga soul is main role (Cosmic energy, Universal Energy) in addition the soul is need PRANA (breathing) to keep soul in the physical body. There is several pranayama (exercise with air) these pranayama keep all the organs fresh and cleaned. Only a cleaned and fresh body can do proper yoga practice, for that the pranayama need here as essential one.
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