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Who need to Learn SranaYoga..


Who need to Learn SranaYoga..

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Yoga is a one of the way to know oneself which leads to realize the supreme Reality, Everybody knows this. Here Sranayoga is the easy and simple way to practice and utilize his self-power (The Power Lies in the Gross Body and Senses). If a person complete 15 years old he can fully ready to practice all stages in Sranayoga.

As a first stage Practice, A real seeker of Yoga can learn the basic easily. Hardly one day to learn how to begin the yoga practice theoretically, But ABYAS (Practice) Uninterrupted, Serious, aggressive, Regular practice only helps in yoga practitioner. Regular means here every day or every hour or every minute, If possible every second practice is advice by the Guru.
In any of the Yoga the Goal Derived very Strictly as follows..

Getting out of Sorrows
Getting into Eternal Bliss

These two thing doesn’t come from outside, and yoga help the seeker to invoke these two things from the beneath of self only. That means the sorrow will not come, Sranayogic Practices makes you and teach you how to keep away from the sorrow. Also How to Deal with all your Emotions and handle your Desire, so that the person become full of Content.

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