Friday, 2 September 2016

Sampragya Samadhi

Sampragya Samadhi

Sranayoga is not a practice or only sadhana; it’s the way of True Living

Quietening of mind, renouncing the Sense pleasure take the control over the mind etc.. By reading, Hearing and getting knowledge from a right GURU is very important. First Collect the Right Knowledge, Contemplate and get discriminative knowledge. Then only they need to start the Sadhanas.
In teacher Pathanjali’s Niyama mentions SWADHYEY is collect vast knowledge about the Subject. Not only from one source or one book. Various sources a person need to collect and keep for further discrimination. Even in Vedanta the Yogic Sadhana was mentioned same. Before Starting the Sadhana they need to follow the disciplines to gain the qualification.
Listening, Reading, Contemplation, Start the Yoga with Shradha, Bhakti and Abyas with Vyragya.

“Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah”

Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff (Chitt) from taking various forms (Vrtti)
-Patanjali Maharishi

 “When the mind has been trained to remain fixed on a certain internal or external location, there comes to it the power of flowing in an unbroken current, As it were, towards the point” – Swami Vivekananda.

Abyas is put forth effort to abide in the state of Sranayoga. And the Abyas has to be done for a long time without a break with all Respect and faith, and then it’s become strong.  Also Vyragya, when people do the practice with the right knowledge (Viveka), then it takes us to SAMPRAKGYA SAMADHI.
Nothing I invent in Yoga, not only me. These were all my Experience and Realisations. – Sampathyogi.

Yogi will continue….

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