Tuesday, 28 February 2017

SWADHEY (Listen to the GURU)

SWADHEY (Listen to the GURU)

Srana Yoga Practice is not a just yoga practice. People generally thinks that yoga is only for the old age people having lot of stress, Doing yoga and meditation is a discipline, For a name sake many people types in their to do list. 

In every home there we can see a room or place for yoga and meditation with a yoga mat. People think this is duty like brushing, bathing and eating food. 

They said ooh! Regularly I am doing yoga or meditation… They don’t know how they were spending merely wasting their time on it. The people those who were all doing these type of yoga and meditation must know that there is no use of it. May be a very negligible percentage on energy conversion. There is a several ways of Doing Yoga; But One must stick any one of the Practice and Practice regularly without any break to attain the Goal. Simply sitting in a ideal place and close their eyes and chanting some mantras is not Yoga. 

It’s Life Time Practice for a Real Life.

Really these Yoga Practitioners starts and practice in such a way means they may renounce the Yoga, Such a great Aggressive Practice is needed. That means that’s not a tough one, But it must Hard to Follow (Periodic, time to time Practice). Also it’s never ending story, so it requires Entire Attention, Dedication, and Humility Etc... The One who practice the Srana Yoga can experience the Lightness of his life. Really they need a Right GURU to Thought the one by one ways to be practices. Also they need not stay with the GURU or go to ashram Regularly, That’s not required. Here in Srana Yoga the Theory is the Base (SWADHEY). On that base only they to Build the building of Srana Yoga to Become Srana Yogi.

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