Thursday, 23 March 2017



In really speaking there is Nothing Like black colour, Black energy, Black thoughts, Black Spirits Etc. It’s all Absence of White only. Let’s see how it’s possible. 

As per the colour Chroma Theory, Mixing of Primary and Secondary Colours will give you Black and if you take all these Primary and Secondary Colours the Remains will be White. 
White is the colour with colours, without colour. Similarly The Through the continuous practice through Sranayoga you can take out all the Colours of bad things and Final Remain will be Pure love of Silence is White. 

The Dark is Absence of Light.
Illiteracy is absence of literacy. 
Loss is absence of profit.

Likewise there is no Negative, It’s just an absence of Positive, Here all the practice is to bring the positive to negate Negative. Black is Darkness and it always weird, Scary, Fear and Horror, Why because the human Eye is not qualified to look into dark. Even in the BLACK HOLE, and Black Energy Scientist Cannot understand what’s really happening inside it. The lectures about there were all only Analogy. Still people are tried to see what’s happening in the dark sides. To Stay out of Black Spirits People spending money for atonement, through many people made it as business multi crore industries. Only way to clear these Black things keep the mind or premises filled with truth, discipline, love, Content and prayers, These things will bring the Light of Knowledge and the Black thing negated. 

Only through Sranayoga practice one can bring the light, white to clear all black, even if they practice properly to see inside the black. Only Through the Continues follow the discipline and Yoga Practice All the light come to him and as the light comes, the dark, Black vanishes. Here in Sranayoga all the teaching i am saying were all seems to be same from the outside, the reality is there were all the steps to getting into the Oneness only. The teaching, the practice, The Fellowship were all the steps to take the seeker in the world of bliss. Through the continues practice one can attain the state of yogi, again he has to start his journey, the journey to the endlessness. Slowly everything forgotten except one. This is how thousands of years great saints did and wrote their testimony of realisation.

Stay Tuned with Yogi, Will Continue...
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