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Gunas (Satva Rajo and Thamo)

Gunas (Satva Rajo and Thamo)

This is the Realization of a SELF, and getting their position on yoga practice. Well we know that our Ego is plays the entire game in humans’ life and that make you as it likes. That’s why the entire problem behind. Our ancestors define very exact manner of this ego and interpret very properly to understand, By these gunas only one can understand the Ego and How to keep in control. Through these gunas your EGO decides and show who you are, and how to react, Respond to a cause. Egos Discrimination about the subject depends upon the Gunas only. On that basis All your senses reflects physically to outside world. Face is index of mind, through the guna superimpose the sense like fact and shows the reaction on the Subject. Based on the Gunas Reaction the person gets its own reaction for a cause. If the superimposition on Satvik that person get good things. If the overpowered with Thamo Rajo Gunas get him a bad, sometimes worst result of Effect by the Cause. On that basis only the Great says " you are responsible of your all your good and bad situation" The karmic consequences, The duty did with rajo and thamo will definitely give you bad things of effect only. these two villain poise your actual good things too. 

As per these gunas, Even our Gurus Interpret Enjoyment Based on gunas, Some Sukh were all Rajasik and Some were Thamasik and the good one is Satvik Sukh. These gunas is having great responsibility on interpreting the Subject and Object as based on these Gunas only. If you imagine a triangle of Guna left bottom will be thamasik, Right bottom will be Rajasik and top sharp will be Satvik. Thamasik always Restrain you to do on your Duties, its never allow you to do your duties like 

Thamo - Holds tightly not to do the work like Laziness, Postponing, Craving, Atonement, Scaring Etc.. 

Rajasik - always violent and it makes you Cunning, Violate the Rules, Challenging, Greed, Angry, Lust, Jealousy, Intolerance Etc..

Satvik - All the good things belongs to here  like Virtue, Forgive, Love, Truth, Nonviolence, Cleanliness, Tolerance Etc..

The Great Sage Thiruvalluvar Used say "குணமென்னும் குன்றேரி நின்றார்" (Who Stand in the Top of Hill Guna) In the triangle of Gunas the Satvik is the top and its "0" there is no plus and minus. 

View as per the Scene no admix, here admix is rajo and thamo gunas. A scene is interpreted to a intellect will always with admix of any of these gunas only. This Wrong interpretation is known as MAYA. There is no change on scene and a view from various angle of interpretation will changes. This Controlling Gunas is not a short time learning. Learning itself years together and fix in the mind and practice accordingly to get the results after years of practice. Satva is full of virtue, This virtues person have full of contentment and he never Jealous of others those who have all the wealth. Maximum Satvik Mix with Rajo guna Give a great Creativity. How we are using these guna is Important. Continues Practice get the result as output, Really those results were all Outstanding. 

The World of Scene never changes, The interpretation between mind to EGO through the gunas decides what you will get. These cannot be stopped and its bridle by practicing Sranayoga to curb these guna and negate both thamo and Rajo and place the Satvik to become Human.  

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