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DYANA, MEDITATION, YOGA, KUNDALINI, KRIYA ETC WERE ALL NOT NEW TO A HUMAN BEING... Not only Being it’s all the embedded in all Living beings. 

Basically a Dried wood has fire inside only churning required to take out, Every Seed has a big tree inside, only by keeping properly in its manner to grow a tree. Just like that every Living Being Especially the Yogic power is already resides in the Gross Body. Only by Kindle the Power of Yoga must be taken and by a Person Who Called GURU. 

In general Most of the People who were became fame, must be a Yogi. They don’t understand that they were all yogis. The Yogic power may not grow properly or channelized manner. But all the people who came up by Hard work and became fame only by the power of Yoga only. For an Example an Athlete while on his practice they need to Stay Focused, Then only they can perform. That is the state of Yoga. All the performers in any field you can take, they might be Yogis only. But they don’t know that they were, because they may not know about this and they cannot transform or transcend. Roughly, without a shape they practice the yoga by varies steps and styles and strive hard. The Same stage a yogi can reach, without that much of Struggle.  A Chess player, or a Politician or a Pilot or Scholar or any one, they were all used say "STAY FOCUSED". This is the Mantra in Srana Yoga. 

It’s as simple to understand a Lens Focus on Sun light to burn a Paper. It’s a Great Practice to become a Yogi. People those who were doing their duties as an assignments were are in a state of Yoga only. Sometimes they did not even blink their eyes to stay focus. Enjoying their duties, seriously involved and nothing can distort them, No power can deviate their attention from the point of Focus. Simply they diffused their entire himself into it to attain their fixed goal. They never ever lose their confidence and workmanship till the goal was reached. That cannot be explained in a single word Dedication. There they named Shradha, which will be the right word to quote the power of their duties. That’s known as "KARTHAVYA BUTHI".

Without knowing they are using the power of yoga by some other way only on their duties, then only they can rise and shine. But if they have trained properly with a supervision of a GURU means they can shine on their lives too. 
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