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Also Known as Viveka. The inclined meaning for Viveka is Common Sense, but here in yoga for this Viveka itself required a 50 hours of Lecture. That Much of Important Roll this Mananam Takes. Easily that can be explained in simple as contemplative knowledge or Contemplative mind. Just on seeing object immediately the subject and the knowledge lingering in the mind, Some questions arise and automatically that will be answered respectively. This is not gross or settles level it’s in the level of Aptitude. 

I already little explanation gave about the THREE FOLD PATH. If we take the 3 fold paths were all the limbs of Srana Yoga, here the Mananam is Trunk. This helps the student to Realize or Experience the Results of Yoga. By the Swadhyey The listening were all stored properly and by the Practices those were all realized as said by Guru. After Listen to GURU the student must Deeply Very Deeply contemplate means think and dive deeply in to the subject and ask himself WHY WHY WHY?. If the swadhey properly stored means they can get the Answer by rationally and logically. The Student again verifies the answer with GURU, that the answer through contemplation is right. 

This Contemplation Can do Two types, Mananam of the Gurus Teachings, as well as the Subjects Read through Books, Scriptures etc.. The problems with the teachings of Mahatmas have three set of Views. 

First one is just Language (the Grammar and their literature, Means poetic sense), 

Second one is literal Meaning (sometimes the Examples and appreciations).

Third One is Important that set of Explanation Covered and a Guru or Contemplative Seeker can Understand.  

These Mahatmas Pack the Definition, or Sutra or a trick inside a regular poem or hymn. The common Man cannot able to understand the really what they told on their hymn. So only by the Mananam can answer these questions. SRAVANAM AND MANANAM WERE THE TOW EYES OF YOGA PRACTICE.  So how long or how much time the student is spent the time and grasping the knowledge of yoga, as well he need to spend the time to Mananam to. Like a Motor mechanic Easily finds the problem of the vehicle by its vibration and sound, his Sookshma thought get in to the vehicle and finds the problem or a irregular operation. Like the same the Student need to train with Mananam in Sookshma level to realize and experience the results. Why I am telling the both Realize and Experience means, some of the yogic Effects we can realize not be experienced, but some can be experienced.

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