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Usual all the spiritual leaders and yoga teachers used to say these things but that is really confusing the seeker He Already thought that "I AM IN".

1) First know yourself: 
2) Love Everything:
3) Live the Life; Life to Live
4) Live and enjoy Every Moment of the Life: 
5) Stay Conscious
6) Watch as Witness Etc...

All the said things he is already having or doing, so no need of these things... 
Yes I Know Myself, I am so and So, Son of So and so and living so and so area, that’s me. 
I love everyone and everything, I have pets in my home even i love plants grown on my Garden. 
Obviously i am living my own life, No doubts. Every Moment i Enjoying, Playing, Eating Pizza, We all went to cinema, Traveled Last month, 
Yes i am enjoying. How can i live without conscious, I am pretty conscious, otherwise i become Unconscious. 
I don’t need a witness i am the first witness is my own.
These were all the innocent Answers of a common man. We cannot blame him, because he was not thought properly. All the First things were having second and third level meaning packed into it. That must be properly thought by a Guru. It’s a vast subject and Attention of Seeker is an essential. Dive deep into self to find the core self of realization. There was lot of stories in many religions for this self realization.  

These Teachers were may know that or not, simply as a explanation telling and lecturing alike. They do not know the seeker got the point of view and get the benefit or not, they do not want to know. The Teacher Explain the same topic about 3 hours Pravachan and get Applause, tats all nobody will contemplate on the Speech delivered by a teacher. Our Usual problem is we never try understanding the happenings. I got three tickets so i went and the teacher gave me lot of inputs and they forget all the input same day evening itself. They do not want to do anything for their own life. Nowadays people used to say only one word that I HAVE NO TIME. OK then for what the 24 hours is for?  Here in Sranayoga All the doubts will be clarified, With Varies Views and Examples till the Seeker himself get his own knowledge. Basically Yoga is not simple physical or mental practice, Its starts with Discipline, Establish through physical practice, also co ordinates by mental practice, one single point all the three will meet and the realization is called Samathi. Thats why Patanjali Maharishi called this as YOGA ANUSHASANAM. Minimum qualification is to follow the disciplined way start with. 

Once a person ready to renounce his #DESIRE #EMOTION then it leads to knowledge, that knowledge become wisdom this wisdom is lead to a BLISS complete silence PARAMANANDHA PRAPTI. For that a right seeker need a right teacher to thought rightly.   

This desire and emotion were all the basic attributes of a human that cannot be stopped. Basic Two chakras were for those purposes only. When there is nose that will inhale and sense the smell. When an eye is open it always sees, the seeing cannot be stopped. When there is a mind there must be thoughts that cannot be stopped. Only through continues practices one can slowdown or restrain. Its Life time Learning and practice to live the life. That’s why SRANAYOGA FOR LIFE.  

Stay Tuned with Yogi, Will Continue...

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