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Silence can be attained only the love, love can be realized by the Discipline. 
Generally difference between Silent and silence. There is also relationship between Silence and peace. Also Peace and Silence were different. Initially the Regulations were all as a control or restriction only, after a very long practice that will become DISCIPLINE. Discipline is a Continuously Practice to Control. Similarly love also Need a very long practice to LOVE EVERYTHING, This leads to a inner peace known as SILENCE. The Teacher here to stay and meditate in the state of silence. Silence of the outside (worldly), without any work sitting, just quietening the mind etc were not exact Silence. If we want to say in very simple, Dirt mixed in beaker of water getting slowly depositing on the bottom, likewise the mind & body slowly deposited under Neath of your Pure self is silence. 

Here Discipline leads to love and love leads to Silence. This practice may take from 3 years to 10 years, depend upon a person’s power of restrains. 

The Happening while the Silence (PRASHANTH) is the 5 senses subsides in Mind; Mind Subsides in intellect, all together subsides in the soul. All the Nadis settle in to soul. Complete stillness. Even breathing also, Keep the breath Outside (BAHI KUMBHAKA), except heart everything is still in the STATE OF PRASHANTH, Meditation on that state is the great thing in Sranayoga. Bahi Kumbaka is a great practice, Only a very good pranayama Practitioner can do that, Higher state of Pranayama, Without air in lungs, squeeze all the air and keep the breath outside. Then only the state of stillness and live for some moments in pure self. This is otherwise known as inner peace. In Sranayoga all the things like discipline, love, silence etc.. Were all similar and intermixed with each other but A yogi must know well separately and practice accordingly and live in its ways to attain its benefits. 

This silence increases the oxygen level in the blood and person act without fatigue. There are lot of physical benefits with this silence. Here only you can watch yourself as a witness. 
The realization of Pure Self through Silence only. 

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