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SOUCHA SANTOSHA (Cleanliness and Contentment)

SOUCHA SANTOSHA (Cleanliness and Contentment) 

Worldly Meaning of these two is Soucha is Cleanliness and Santosha is happy, It’s a literal meaning for these two words. But a great theory behind these two words and basic regulation need to strictly followed by a seeker or a Yogi. In both of this by the way of “THRI KARANA" must be followed. I thing we had already gave the brief note on thri karana, Means in thought, words and at the time of action all the three  must be in one thin line there will not any deviation or negotiation. These two were called very basic disciplines of Regulation. Self-regulations were to follow. 

Soucha: Inclined meaning is cleanliness. From the morning to till going bed usually we keep all our senses and gross physical body we used keep very clean. tats not only the clean, In Yoga  the sense and inner parts (Antha Karanas) must be very clean, There are 19 parts were all there as per the yoga darshana, Gnana Indhriyas -5, Karma indhriyas - 5, pranas - 5, Mana, Buthi, Ahankaar finally the CHITT. All the 19 parts kept clean while doing the practice. Numerous practices were all there to keep clean these Inner Parts. Many of the physical practice like "Sat Karma" to cleanse physical and Sukshma parts. Pranayama Took vital place of these cleaning of antha karanas. If we appears neat and clean to helps the society and fellow citizens. We have to maintain Inner Cleaning, Our premises and to maintain the cleanliness with divine. As the seeker keep his all his ANTHA KARANAS clean, That cleanness reflects in all the seeker's senses and their words are clean. The Great Mahatma Thiruvalluvar said "கனி இருப்ப காய் கவர்ந்தற்று", Means Why you use the Bitter words of an immature fruit instead sweet fruit of good words. If all these things were all good and clean, No doubt, the persons thinking, speaking and an action must be very clean and he is attain the Satvik. 

Santhosha: General meaning for this we can take Happiness. How one can be live happy means his wishes full filled he became happy. No, its not possible to satisfy one individual in the world. then How this term is possible? A big question before us upon the term Santhosha. The ideology behind this is No one can satisfy with anything in this entire cosmos, the Happiness i will not happen, But one need bring it up. Nothing will come from outside, We have to create it and bring it from the Self. That is called Contentment. General Worldly Happiness was all erotic and Posterous. There was a plate of sweet kept in front of you can take and eat one. If the sweet crossed your sense of tongue matter of few seconds and if it crossed that two and half inches nothing remains and the happiness vanishes. can you able to eat the plate full of sweet you might not have any place in your stomach and need to wait for to digest. Also there is one more thing "BOGE ROHA BAYAM" that will land you in the fear of disease. All the sense please were all the same list and they all have these 2 problems, one is its only for very very short while and leads to disease. Now here the contentment is one piece of sweet is enough and make self-satisfaction, you enjoyed a piece of Sweet without fear. This is called contentment. This contentment is need for all the worldly interaction. 

Why we need to follow such disciplines? Only by following these disciplines take the seeker to make love with everything including self-love, which makes you silent to hear the Supreme Reality. Sranayoga followers were first to thought to follow the discipline in all the manners. 

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