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Here in these thri karana is having a very big role in Yoga. Here is Sranayoga nothing is difficult, everything is easy, but practicing the same again and again, till it intermix with our life and then follow the same in our worldly transaction is very very difficult, for that the Seeker really need of VYRAGYA. Definition of Thri Karana is very simple WHAT YOU THINK, SAME NEED TO SPEAK AND ACT. MANASA VACHA KARMANAHA. The person's thought, speak and action all the three must one single thin line without any deviation.

THINK ____ SPEAK _____ ACT

All the three must be in one same single line. There must not be any deviation or diversification. this is good to see and speak, But follow this is an big Problem. I already told there are a Set of Discipline must be followed while practicing Sranayoga. These discipline practices were all in the array of the thri karana only. Example if you promised to give some money to someone, you must honestly think what and when you are going to give money, there must not be any half minded or bad intention. if you ask him to come by 10 o' clock to collect, you must ready with money as well as with a good heart greet that person and give as you promised. Here Thinking is - good, same you spoke and gave without any deviation or false hope. All three must be in one line. 

Again Greet a person on Speaking about him or to others, Once the person get away, abusive his attitudes, scold his all actions is not a right way. Ahimsa, Satyam and Astheye were the fundamentals of all discipline. All these three need this thri karana assured. Because you cannot even think with a bad intent, You need not kill with a sharp knife to kill, People used to kill with their words (Wak Banam) that words pierce their hearts more than a sharp knife. You need not steal person’s belongings, Even if you think that owning someone’s car is stealing committed, If you see a Good Fat Juicy Gulab Jamon kept in front of you and your mouth watering means you committed more than that you swallowed a single piece or bunch. Similarly The Thri Karana is the base of Discipline to be followed on the practice the Sranayoga. Why we need to be disciplined living and why the yoga is connected with this discipline, Usual question but the answer is: Discipline teaches us the How to make Love others, slowly it love grows and love everything finally 


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