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It’s not easy to explain the CHITT in worldly languages. This concept can be understood only by the deep contemplation. The simple terms is memory, Brain is there for record and keep memory with in. But the CHITT is having memories of all the lifetimes with its references. We can use this simple terms for understand the CHITT. This Chitt is otherwise called MAHAT OR MAHA THATVA.
By the Yogic teaching there were 19 elements were driving our whole Human Being. Those were Gnana Indhriyas – 5, Karma Indhriyas – 5, Pranas – 5 and Mana, Budhi, Ahankaar Finally Chitt. As per the Koshas, Chitt is in the Vignana maya Kosh. Chitt is very near to the Higher Existence. So it is having the recordings of all the Jenma’s Memories. It’s in the Settler Level.  As per the Sutras of Mahatma Patanjali is “YOGAS CHITT VRITTI NIRODH HA” These vrittis were disturb the Chitt by the vrittis of Mana. It must be stopped. Also worldly explanation for this Chitt is the chitra Gupta Who wrote the cause and effect of the beings. Lot more explanation can be given for the Chitt. A Person who understands and follows the Chitt is known as Siththar.
But In yoga theory the Chitt took great place and all the settler happenings and every stage the seeker attains were all in the Chitt only. The Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi will take place here only. It is very near to the Self (Aanandhamaya Kosh). Once the PRATYAHARA Happens from there the seeker can realise and understand the Chitt. It is not easy or not only by practice. Yoga is the way of life. It is a big thing, Neither Bakthi or Gnana won’t help. But YOGA ANUSHASANAM will take the seeker to there. The disciplined way towards the higher existence.
If a person identified with his mind means that’s wrong, he unaware of the reality. A person simply having many masks, only by practicing Yoga he become one, whenever the masks increase directly proportional to Ahankaar. Mana Buthi and Ahankaar these three things never let a person to allow going inside. They were the ruler of the person. He never aware of it, Keep the person only between the Desire and Emotion. These two things making the cause and the effect will be miseries. This is never ending story of a common man, whether he is crorepathi or bikshathipathi. The person who having little awareness and need get out of this is known as a seeker. He might be directed rightly to start a journey to self. Still then he travelled world outside and seeker starts his travel inside himself. First time he starts see the opposite side of his eyes. Hear a sound inside him; Try to enjoy the fragrance and taste. This journey leads him to swift.
Purity is required; need to be cleaned with disciplines. The state that a person knows his Chitt only by clean and pure, Mana, Buthi and Ahankaar. Renunciation of Mana is a way also keeps cleaning, later on the mana become pure. There the Ahankaar became shimmer less pure, also Buthi. After certain extend the Mann will not help a seeker. So need to keep pure or renounce. If the Mind drops that leads to Ahankaar see the things and a scene as it is. Here the state of purity mentioned that the Mann is cultivation pure love and compassion, Ahankaar Become Servitude (Sevak of Supreme Reality), Means Service to mankind and entire beings and matter (Samathva Budhdhi) This right understanding will happen in the Budhdhi. There a seeker Attain Viveka and Vyragya and by the continuously stays in the state give the seeker Chitt Sudhdhi. This is the state is called “EAKAGRA AVASTA”, Slowly everything is going as it is the seeker knows the state of “CHITT PRASADHANAM”. That is the superior state in Sranayoga. The Journey not yet completed. That is the state of “CHITT ANANDHA ROOPE SHIVOHAM, SHIVOHAM”

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