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Prayer is the state, not asking anything instead listen to the worthy words of divine. You are the gate for the world of Bliss and wisdom. 

We used to say PIN DROP SILENCE, Just think that, if a ball pin drops and it creates a big sound, means the entire area is completely silent.  In the entire world the billions of people every minute, every second thinking, worshiping a riddle named GOD, But a few only permeates and go inside and try to see the entity called GOD. The Power, The Controller, governor, owner of entire cosmos, his reflection resides in every particle in the cosmos moving because of the power a piece of light. That cannot be seen, cannot experience with our senses, cannot interpreted by any words, cannot be experienced, only by understand and realization will be possible. Even these two things will not happen in a short or long while, A huge time required through strong uninterrupted Yoga practices, Once the silence remains, slowly the understanding develops and still the journey is not get ends, again realize of realization will come slowly.

This is a very long journey, Life time Practice, Once the seeker reached a state of silence, then the realization starts. Please understand thoroughly, the silent means without any making audible sounds with the unit of decibels; it is sound less, also meaning less. Yogic silence is not simple silence. All the senses get settles with mind and Ego, this mind settles in Intellect and finally intellect quietly settled down in the MAHAT (Chitt). THIS IS ACTUAL PRATHYAHARA 5TH STATE OF PATANJALI MAHRAJ, Here the real Yogic State starts. Only in the state of Prathayahara only the real, meaningful silence of being starts it’s "NOW EVERY THING ABOUT NOTHING". When a person sitting in pure consciousness, alertness with get connected with the Nature, Then he completely crossed himself (Gross body), He stays as a witness here come the pure and quite silence. There will not be any shimmering, shattering of anything including his senses. In the pure silence state the Ego automatically settle in Satvik to maintain the silence, This is the state of mindlessness, Without a active mind the seeker became filled with pure pervasive, endless love, very innocent as childlike, this is the time the complete silence remains. 

The Supreme Reality is pervades everywhere in this world, No one cannot explain The Supreme Reality is in this world or the World is in Supreme reality, There is no border or endless. This can be realizes on Pure silence which can be obtained only by the continues practice of Sranayoga only. Why we need this Silence, Why we need to love. This is the question raised in everyone's mind. Everyone is running in their lives and someone is planned and unplanned life. Everything behind the Desire and Emotion only. Or they fed up with their lives or need some stress relief from their continues sorrows they need a Shoulder to put their heads. Still they all in the circumference of the life circle only. they do not want to go inside, I am not try to go the centre or touch the axle, Just turn inside the circle, take a swift to travel inside. If they tried then they can understand what they run for. Initially its rough and tough to understand, but with strong vyragya in SWADHYEY AND THREE FOLD PATH, Attain the state of silence and Live the life without sorrows, pains and decease.. 

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