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ALL THE SACRED OFFERINGS WERE CALLED PRASADH, A person with full intention offering something to someone is in need, the full intended mind is we can say Prasad. In other hand a duty is completed and matched with all Discipline the result of the same is also known as Prasad. Here Prasad is result, Effect of a cause.
Here I am explaining the things which were not to any sanyasi or yogi; This Materials were all can be used in common man’s life. If anyone tries to practice and implement in his life he will out of problems. There were all given by the great sages and nowadays these spiritual leaders were painted with all religious things. So this is for mankind and tries to understand and follow in your own life with give great Peace and Happiness in real state.  Also that common man who is already slowly practicing these may come to Sranayoga one day. On that day it will help in climb the maintain of yoga in easy manner. It’s all simple practice and but need vyragya to implement. You need practice these discipline to learn yoga or sanyaas. Do these practices to keep you fit for the world.

If a Person while performing the duty he needs to work with Karthavya Budhi, along with Samathva Budhi. We already discussed earlier please. Keep focused to the duty by their mind body and soul against it to only to do the duty in its manner, how deep concentration is required will be fed into it. Without seeing the time taken, ignore the disturbance form outside, there is no desire or emotion while doing the duty. Minding comments of other on results. All the thri karana focused and stay in real-time Etc... Is to made an ordinary duty become a Karthavya Buthi. While applying the Samathva in all required manner, Means treat all the things required to complete the work, even gunas (Rajo and Thamo) in equal.
Here the Prasad is coming as completion on the duty, No result will be expected. Target fixed, Goal is there to run, need only concentration on doing the run, Aim to hit, but did the duty well and that leads to get the victory. May failure acquire only by mistakes take place. But the duty must completed with the very maximum effort to reach the goal, With Karthavya and Samathva, No doubt leads victory, Even on that stage itself, do not bind on the results.  If we throw a stone to certain distance, means where it lands nobody knows. The stone will controlled by thousands of calamities. The throwers energy, pressure on his hand, how he use his fingers, how the air pressure, Etc... Similarly we can do our duty with disciplined way, Keep out our worldly desire and emotions, control the gunas, compatible with thri karana, by this a duty was did by this way and wait for the result, do not judge yourself, what the result need to come. The best result will come as the order of the Nature.

If the result as you expected means that’s a great thing or you will get a lesson from the duty, through strong thapas one can see the way traveled to do the duty and find the mistake. The world is full of learning only, If a Motor Driver everyday he get a new lesson while driving, Even he is 20 years of experience in driving. So expecting the exact is, unnecessarily creating a problem into you. Goal Fixing, analyzing, prediction, forecast and planning were all need to complete to reach the target. But only thing the abidance and stick with the result will make you disappointed. Put you in dejection and afterwards they cannot do any such duty on their lives. All the people in this world are in the path of action (pravirthi marg) only. So they need Lot of courage, fearless, steady, patience, curies etc. to sustain in this world, by adding these Buthi to makes things better to expand their sustainability. In all the sacred writing used to mention this way add this concept in your lives. Every moment we are creating a cause and the effect will be released the waiting for the effect with anxiety is wrong. It’s all a person’s anxiety about his future. Once a cause was ignited the assurance effect will be there, but the effect must be expected exact, ready for to accept whatever the effect comes. Be ready to face anything to come as result, don’t clinch on the Result, instead be peace, which the contentment of the duty completed perfectly and nicely from your end. 

No problem everyone needs a Self confidence that is the only thing to survive but, the Egos over confident and its analogical results leads you to a very bad way. So be watchfulness at the sometime not to expect any particular result. Do your best and stay calm till the result comes.

This is a very strong and important point in Sranayoga which leads to eternal life.   

Stay Tuned with Yogi, Will Continue...

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