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Human Being life travels always in the "X" axis only. Eye level travel for his entire life. Once if he starts Sranayoga means his travel in this world will be different that will be in "Y" axis. Vertical travel towards sky. 

Common man always seeing and looking through his eye only the out side world and interacting with the world outside of his physical body. Sranayoga teaches the way how to start your travel inside you. Inside of every living being there is a world exist. He never understand that all the sorrow and unhappy because of his worldly affairs, he try to come out, but till end he never find a gate to come out form these miseries. He thinks this life is HOPELESS, but he can make it endless hope, through Sranayoga practice. He himself having a gate, Only thing he need to open the gate and go inside and see what’s happening, Try to find out what’s Mind, where is Ego, find out Intellect etc.. But no one try this kind of practice. Need some practice through three fold path, compulsorily spend at least a little time to search for such thing with a GURU. "YOGA IS A LIFE STUDY, STUDY FOR YOUR LIFE" This is a way of start seeing inside and search yourself.

If a common man need start to seeing inside travel must be started before his lifetime, that an end of his sorrow and unhappy. If he did not train to travel inside means practice of yoga will land him a great trouble. Sorrow is a never ending story of a human, But the gate of escape is in his hands. if he negate or hesitate, once a aged filthy body cannot able to transcend and his sorrow also endless one. YOGA IS NOTHING BUT, SOMETHING BE BURIED INSIDE YOU, THAT CAN TRY TO TOUCH THE ENDLESS SKY, AIR, SUN ETC... The self-realization is the wisdom and pure bliss. There is place in this world where one can get all the answers of their question is self only. People always think and identified with their mind only. You are not your mind; your mind is simple mechanism of your settle body. Need a clear vision go inside start search where it is, How it works, What is the real relationship with you and with your mind. 

In the busy world, They have time to worship but the real worship is self-knowledge only, These worship places were all for the modules and they explain how to know yourself. Nowadays just ways were all became destinations, Justify them self that is enough. The real destination is the know the pure self, For that they need training to take a travel into himself, Instead searching for the knowledge, bliss wisdom, happy in outside world. Many teachers nowadays saying about Mind Training, Positive thoughts Etc.. All this can be the treasures of Inside world of Human Being. That’s why in GITA also the Human Body is "Kshetra", and Vedanta call it "PINDA ANDAM", THERE IS BIG, HUGE COSMOS INSIDE EVERY HUMAN BEING", That must be discovered only by the person who start his travel towards inside to get the Reality of Happiness, How they negates the sorrows. The real only and true way is YOGA ONLY. if anyone says any other way means they cheating them, Bhakthi and Gnana Yoga were all the way of the destination of self and Kriya, Is the only Destination. There only a person transcends himself in to the cosmic experience and that is the Goal of Sranayoga.


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