Saturday, 8 July 2017

Ahimsa - English Day 1

All the disciplines were seems to be same, intermixed with each other. Here Ahimsa is nonviolence. Literally we cannot hurt others with any of the means. Really speaking the pain of the victim must be recognized and understand and feel how much the victim affected is the real state. Example some beat you means he doesnt know the pain of the beaten. that some must understand and feel the pain how much you were hurt. Stand of the victim's shoe and feel the pain and realize that could not be happen again in their entire life. this is a sample situation, Similarly a seeker before doing a bad things to others, if it hurt him badly means we must not do that. we must know how the pain will. 
here the contemplation is only the pain and its sufferings. the effect of the cause. 

Human beings are in the world top of all living beings. So the human is to protect the Mother Nature and its wealth. All living beings are belongs to the Nature only. Human Support, Help to grow other species. Not to hurt them. Even human must not disturb them. Disturb an ant or a dog is a ahimsa applies. If you want cut a tree you have to ask the permission to cut. As well must realise the pain of a tree. Usually fishermen do that before they start fishing they ask sea mother to give permission to fishing. We have power to do anything but if that power hurts anyone's even their mind. Ahimsa is so much sensitive subject. We try to understand the pain and situation so that the mind of the seeker get trained on understanding. This seeker need to practice in their worldly day to day life.
A person need not kill a another person with physical Arrow. Particularly choose some words with an intention will pierce his heart and kill the person more than physical arrow. Single word will hurt or kill a person means why we need to use that word. sometimes these words killed a entire family. think before we speak, If you hate a person, and you think hardly with hatred thought of illness to him is also violence only. In thinking no violence, in your speech no violence and in action no violence. This is called Ahimsa.
Example: Pari vallal great monarch gave his chariot to a jasmine shrub, He thought that that shrub was suffering. These disciplines make the seeker keep the leash of mind with him. purify the mind only through these discipline and then the seeker can raise above the mind.

World is full of complaining others for nothing. Without any reason hurting others as they can. If they try to feel the pain understand the pain means peace everywhere.

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