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Aparigrah English - Day 5,

Aparigrah English - Day 5,
Today’s class Discipline is 5th one "Aparigrah" Excess consumption, over consumption. General literal meaning. This is important because it require enormous restrain power to control it. A person generally required two cloths. May be one cloth extra but 10 to 15 cloths is not correct. May be you have buying power to do that. But excess consumption will lead your mind became slavery to it and it go on expanding the list of requirement. In the same you can easily eat 3 idly, may be 5, maximum 10, how can you eat 20 idly. If i do not want to eat at the same time table and keep it for dinner or next day morning. Is it right? What you required for that time only. Rest we need not take or give it to others. Limited consumption keep you fit mentally and physically. 
"ENOUGH IS THE MIND'S GOLD MAKING SYRUP" Your mind never says that word Enough. If you keep the leash of the mind and hold it, otherwise your mind always waver. If you say don’t Want, don’t Need, That’s just because of you are not liked that or hatred. If there is liked object kept in from of you in huge quantity, means you will not say enough, even that word will not come out from their words. Consuming that much is also kind of Stealing only. Even if they not in need, No problem lets grab some quantity and save it for future is breach the discipline of Aparigrah. Our body need to to keep clean, But do not pamper it, Give minimum nourishment to your body. Your body need to be keep fit and allow your body to experience and feel the pain for a while at least. Give a chance to feel it as soon as the pain comes do not eat tablet or treatment. 
Offer top of the earth one and half height of gold given to satisfy a one single human being. If asked a person where is the end of your wish list means, before end his wish list, your life will end. the Contentment is in inside of you do not search the same in outside of world, that is never ending journey. Rest of other Ahimsai, Satyam, Asthaye, Brahmacharya all containing, includes this Aparigrah only. 
If anyone did not self-satisfy means he will do anything and go any distance, For that he disturb others, never mind the victims sufferings, Then he speak lies and breach his promises, on his craving he will steal, and grab things without knowledge of the owner, his lust rule him, do anything and all only bad things. By these attitudes he will became cunning and cruel. This is the source of all the disciplines, so it must follow strictly without any compromise. as they can. 
Another Important and big issue in Parigrah (Opposite to Aparigrah) is Possessiveness, leads to Jealousy and Greedy Leads to break all the good things resides with you. These two were the make the person filled with fear, Feed the fear and more and more and the person becomes jealous and act like a lunatic. loose his self-control and loose everything. Generally possessiveness sometimes make a person in complex situation and they became fear on everything (Sarvam Vastu Bayam). This possessiveness is very sensitive issue which easily break the Brahmacharya in few moments. I any form Possessiveness leads to Jealous and Anxiety. Anxiety leads to Defeat, Disappointment, the person loss his faith and depression. Again this will be an endless story train of mental and physical agony. 
Now Greed, Well all know about the greed enters the entire status ruin and the person immerse in sorrow in all forms. On that stage your ego even would not accept that you are in Greed now. It never give time to think, take a overview nothing, Destroys everything everything before you realize. 
So the results of Parigrah, Possessiveness, jealous, Fear, Anxiety, Disappointment, Loss of Faith and finally, Depressed. Again Greed itself is enough to invites all the above said bad things. By Start Practice Aparigrah in one stroke you can  get freedom from all above said things.

If you want to build a house for yourself, There must be a minimum requirement of a kitchen, bedroom, hall, rest room etc. Its minimum but consumption extra space is Parigrah. For that purpose you must not plan a bedroom in the size of playground. There you consuming extra. Preservation for the future is allowed at least to some extend only. of you try to save more and more the misery accumulating accordingly. The wonder is these Houses were all to build to a purpose of offering great pleasure to all the senses only. "BHOGA SADHANA SWEEKARAH" For to get various sense pleasure only. this our Acharyas used to says Curse of Society and Lack of Characteristics. One need to live a Disciplined, Decent and Simple life, Is the happiest Life in this world. 
Only by giving to others.  EID the Festival is only for "LIVING FOR GIVING" Knowledge and love if possible Money. Everything which were all accumulated must be distributed to others those who are in need. Not everything at least a small in percentage, which is the only way to came out of this extra over consumption. Preservation must be prohibited, dhan is the only way. 

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