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Brahmacharya English - Day 4,

Brahmacharya English - Day 4,
Today Our Class is the Third Discipline - Brahmacharya (Celibacy). the meaning of Brahmachari is walking towards Brahma, Here brahma is self, Pure self. 

This is the highest state of discipline must be followed by every seeker very strictly. All the gurus follow this Discipline very strictly, because by breaching this the seeker need to loose rest of all disciplines at once. Being single is not only Brahmacharya. As a student, as a Husband, As a father, As sanyasi, etc has its own brahmacharya rules. Abide on those rules and follow very strictly so that can, First save other Disciplines as well start walk on the path of Yoga. 
Brahmacharya is taught when a student is getting admitted in a school, Some Restrains and regulations were taught to be a virtue. Its a continence how to behave while in lonely, in public, while eating, even while sleeping. without annoying others in public. How to self-government the chastity, these were used to teach on entering the School life. After his studies after got married the same person became a husband and he knows what kind of brahmacharya need to be followed. Important thing is something needs to be restrained, and something needs to be suppressed. Force of Sense pleasure, Slavery to the senses leads to the loose of this Brahmacharya. The Idea of the Brahmacharya is to preserve the Human Energy, and that cannot be utilized in a very wrong way. 

By following the discipline brahmacharya and practicing pranayama alone take the seeker to some of the advance level of Yoga. All the scripture's contents is same only. On the part of self-realization the this discipline, the journey with mind within you is possible. The lust and passion on sex must be restraint not suppressed, Suppression is not safe but need to be restraint and leash of the lust must be in the hands. OJAS The stream of power, source of power can be attained only through this discipline, the human body became a generator like electricity, Thus the seeker attains a level. The main important thing is Again the discipline also compliance with Thri Karana, Brahmacharya go with all the thought, speech as well as in Action. Again the If not attain the craving starts and ending with misery or great disaster. So even do not think about coming out of its rules. 
Why the brahmacharya cannot be controlled, Just because of the person was rules by his Indriyas, Senses. For the pleasure, Posterous of senses. He strongly think that he cannot survive without these pleasures. So he believe that, he cannot give it up, get rid out and immerse on that and lost his life.  
How can one come out of the web hold of Posterous, Practice the mind that, It’s easy to come out.
Try to convince the mind not to go because that will not be the goal for life.
It’s very short pleasure and there are many good things are there.
If all fails, No worry Run for your life.
Finally Hold and Abide in the Higher Consciousness stick to that and you will be saved.

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