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Niyam - Swadhey (self-Study) Day 9

Class 9
Niyam - Swadhey (self-Study)
There are 8 kinds of Disciplines we had studied. I don't know how depth you all understand and got registered in your mind, and intellect. This is the discipline of the same study must be done in reading, listening, seeing and slowly you will substitute the same situation of the happenings in your own life.  So reading the sacred writings, listening to great gurus must be again and again entire life, If you adopt these discipline in your life make lot of questions then at that time a guru is required. When you get all the doubts were cleared till that you require the Swadhey. 

Why this much importance to a study of a study, If anyone affected by jaundice disease his vision will became yellow, He will see all things in the world with yellow shade. Tats called "Peetha Shankaha" similarly once a common man became a seeker means, he will see Yoga in everything. Here yoga means "Karthavyam" discipline in everything. In all action he starts feel a silence. Everything he expect and did with a perfection. 
A Magic Word called Yoga, Just one week Learn and next ten days practice, people think that they would have got the ASHTAMA SITHIS, and they also thinks that they became Yogi or Thapasvi. In this way only people will think. Our Great Gurus and Sithars were all Live and practice with Param Vairagya, Vashikara Vairagya, and did Sadhanas for a long time to attain great boons. Why i am saying this here means. Till now we are (In our Class) entered, our class is only standing on the entrance. After entered the Subject there were all only Sadhanas, on that time due to lack of time and try, Here Body will not able to with stand sadhanas of man (Mind), Get tired and try to go away from the subject stream. On that time only this SWADHEY helps the seeker to keep on line. again and again. 
By the Swadhyey the listening were all stored properly and by the Practices those were all realized as said by Guru. After Listen to GURU the student must Deeply Very Deeply contemplate means think and dive deeply in to the subject and ask himself WHY WHY WHY?. If the swadhey properly stored means they can get the Answer by rationally and logically. The Student again verifies the answer with GURU, that the answer through contemplation is right.

The Discipline of Niyama mentions SWADHYEY is collect vast knowledge about the Subject. Not only from one source or one book or a One Guru. Various sources a person need to collect and keep for further discrimination. Before Starting the Sadhana they need to follow the disciplines to gain the qualification. By updating the study regularly in varies views, and listening or reading again and again seeker gets a broader than a last one. 

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