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Regulation (Niyam) - 1 Soucha. Day - 7

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Regulation (Niyam) - 1 Soucha.

Literally the meaning can be interpreted as cleanliness. Keep Clean everywhere, First Body, Mind, Our house Our Street, Our Town or city finally the Country. Why i need to clean my country, Swatch Bharat is there to clean. We do not even think that. First we have to think, speech and act the cleanliness must be everywhere in all the forms the cleanliness must be maintained without any compromise. A question raise that clean must be in the restrain of Yema, because when you are in public, your uncleanness affect others, suppose without washing your cloths you are standing in a bus, think the position of co passengers. Generally keep our body clean is good for our selves. I am daily taking bath but i will not brush my teeth is not good, my clothes were all washed, but i will wash my sacks once in a week, these were all the wrong. But using of Buds for Ears and Tongue cleaners were not safe for us. Because our metabolism itself having such cleaning system embedded. Our body's sensitive part is Taste buds; tongue cleaners will injure it, tats not safe. For brushing your teeth with your pointing finger is the right one instead using brush will not serve its purpose. 
So here understanding is essential why we need to do, Purpose solving is essential. Keep our premises with a neat and tidy, will give you a pleasant atmosphere. You do not expect others clean, in home we need to be get involved, scolding others for cleaning, some part why not we clean. Blame yourself always first, Take the responsibility. Try for a time, then you will realize. Come out of your house. there will be a little place filled with garbage, dirt especially plastic, Try to start clean a small quantity first. And then remove unwanted things from that area. See the street and tell neighbor and explain a little. Everyone did the same means you are the person who clean the entire country, So be the change. 
Now you ask one more question, What about the inner cleaning. Yes i am in, If you slowly expand the cleanliness from your body, next cloths, home, out of home, to neighbours this is known as expansion. if the formally said was finished you cleaned yourself. There is no more Sudhi is required. 

Cleanness is how essential let’s see. This is only the disciplines, follow in instalment not in whole. it always requires maintenance. If you cleaning in home and forget after a week you spend a day or half day alone for cleaning, rather every day a small amount of time (because time is valuable) to be spared. The simple step of this discipline is place the item, taken from the spot. So almost only cleaning is required. if you suppose one week you have not taken your food, in one day can you able to fill it up. Likewise postponing the cleaning only because of laziness. Do not think that cleaning of body is only for us that the discipline. This discipline is first preference goes to Outer only, and it reflects in inner cleanliness to grow in your mind as an expansion. And the inner Anthakarana Cleaned by our Compulsory follow of Yema. Through this discipline you can understand the mind become goes on expanding. one more important thing usually people do, whenever they are using the public rest rooms example in a hotel, they do not keep in such a way. Misuse that place. They may taught, it’s just for one time temporary. Thats the social responsibility, we must treat all the places even we use it for one time or few times, we have to maintain the discipline everywhere in all the forms. Also while washing their hands, go on pluck the tissue paper, unnecessarily plucking the flowers in garden, these were all come under the Soucha only. 

Deha Sudhi, Mana Sudhi, Budhi Sudhi finally Nadi Sudhi.
Cleanliness is godliness. This is said for the cleanliness of Heart. Briefly saw that the cleanliness of outer and this godliness or cleanliness next to god. All this were all show that the cleanliness of heart means, Mana, Buthi and Ahankaar. All these together called as Heart (not Physical Heart). this can be cleaned only by the disciplines already we saw. These anthakaranas Gnana Indriyas (Settler senses - 5, Physical Indriyas - 5, Pranas - 5, Mana Buthi, Ahankaar and Finally Chitt) these 19 parts must be clean. Pranas Cleansed by Pranayama, and there are practices like tatraka etc.
Here the THRI KARANA play a vital role, your Thought must be clean and think only cleanliness, your speech must be clean as well the action. In public your speech and mannerisms were your identity creators. if everything is correct and clean then only you get the reward. So the speech is based on your thoughts. All your senses reflect your mind and thoughts only. here Buthi is only memory to save some data. If the Mind (thoughts and ego must be clean means Satvik) to claim the ladder of the Virtue. One culprit who does not keep his speech properly means sometimes he will spoil the entire civic atmosphere. he speak one thing to one person same time tell another thing to another person similarly he go on manipulating the small matter into a biggest problem . this is happens because of cleanliness was not in his speech, because his mind is not clean. so keep your mind clean.  

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