Monday, 10 July 2017

Satyam English Day 2,

These were all the varies scriptures says about truth. As per all Sacred teaching nothing is true except truth. Really what is truth, There is outstanding definition by Sage Thiruvalluvar,
"வாய்மை எனப்படுவது யாதெனின் யாதொன்றும்

தீமை இல்லாத சொலல்"
Real definition of truth is the words which we speak will not give bad, ill to others.
In Simple SATYAMEVA JEYATE, Truth always wins. You may all know about the truth very well. Nothing i need to say about it. Truth cannot be hide. The hidden truth one day will come out. Etc.. Let us see how Srana Yoga Discipline here to interpret about truth.
Truth is the only word being true. Your thought must be filled truth is leads to be a man of truth. As per THRI KARANA, if your thought and mind is full of lies and fake means all your all your senses reflect s as speech and action only. First the seeker must fill his mind with Satyam. Thats why all gurus used to says FIRST TRUE TO YOURSELF. They all cannot act for a long time with lies. These lies lied mind cannot function properly as well the seeker cannot hold his mind, It wont obey his orders rather that person must obeys his mind and became slavery. Slavery to mind leads to the person become slavery to all senses. So the person turns bad and became traitor to his own self. So we can assume the rest. So the Truth must start from the self, Mind, thoughts thats only the start.
Very important thing must be followed. Without Ahimsa if there is a situation,  Importance to Ahimsa only. Without Ahimsa there is no truth. If a situation happens to save a life, there must first follow Ahimsa Not Truth. But in rest of all situations Satyam and Ahimsa both must in equal in unit.
From the morning to evening you need not speak the truth in all the means. My guru said that i will speak only truth, My Guru told me. On seeing a man with ugly face, you need says that "Sir you are too Ugly", A person standing behind you is stinking, You must not tell him "Sir you are stinking" not like that. Stop your lies instead speaking truth that is the Idea. If you communicate with others you must not speak lie. So that will be a truth.

First of all you have to start practice from your Family, Friends, Especially Relatives and Social, Professional and Business its not entirely possible. But you can practice on that also after completion of these cycles.
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