Friday, 14 July 2017

Understanding Yoga English

Understanding Yoga English

We need some understanding and clarity now. Here we are not doing any slight of hands, gimmicks, Jodhisha, miracles, Spirituality, Satsang, Pravachan, Philosophies, Irrelevent Stories etc. we are not entertain them here.
I awakened from the sleep, Mother nature gave me a chance to wake, Still you are all sleep. I Expect and try to wake you all up from the deep sleep of Ignorance.
The difference between yogi and conman man is the same, Yogi lives his life with different standpoint. But for sanyasi the life will be imposed on him. Except Morality, Ethics (Yema niyama) that person need to renounce. But Yogi Accept the same and appreciate it.
So my kind request is not to send any messages, Except which wrote by you, the understand from the class you can write.
Dark and lonely is very important to yoga. If the same two, Dark and Lonely may be gifted to you means there is no hell like situation. We yogis going to take it with full will and appreciate the same. Now you may not have that situation, but one that will be presented to you. Someone get that gift early, may be little late for others, But one day the day will come.
What i intend to says, Please try to understand, What we came here for, We do not need any fanfares, We dont want any aphorisms and doctrines. We are here to read, listen the teachings of great gurus and masters and that way we are going to walk. 

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