Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Today we are going to see a different Topic. This is very important, no everything in yoga is Important only. FORGIVE AND GETTING FORGIVES. Before enter the Main stream, After start practice the disciplines, He became a seeker, His mind, body, intellect and especially EGO need to be clean with this Discipline. This is something important, because, Human is filled with mistakes. Nothing in this world in elegance. Here now learned these disciplines and you may not commit any mistakes, all your actions were compliance with Yema and Niyam, Seeker stick with discipline. but there was accumulated mistakes and crimes were all there, to be cleansed. How it can be removed, Only by Confessions. 
How the confessions happen, Nobody knows what is inside your, all the mistakes made by you lies in the beneath of your mind, You may forget the sin, when you are in child hood. After getting consciousness, grown well, understand the difference between good and bad that is the state the person to grown. So from that time to till now how many people have you hurt, here also you have to use Thri karana only. Hurt and sufferings to victim because your thoughts, speech and action. you know yourself, you know how many time, how long, how deep did the victim suffered. So calculate and keep all them in your mind and start give or get forgive. 

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