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The exact meaning of ecstasy in any Religion says the Reality and Ecstasy is not in outside world it resides inside you. A person used to search outside (WORLD) is the wonder of world. that why All the Gurus always says that the world is illusion, Because Nothing real outside and all the entire Cosmos is inside. Instead searching inside the people searching outside, where everything is perishable, destructible. There is large, huge, vast wonder is inside everyone that is the Real Reality which cannot be seen by human seeing perception. By realizing the Reality is known as Ecstasy.

As a beginner a seeker learn to love, this is the only, easy, no need of learning. So the seeker start loves everything in this world and above and below. Love is something unconditional, It has to go down deeper in to fidelity raise and doubts go off. Without Expectation, abidance presence. Finally Ego drops the purest state of Love remains without any shimmering. This kind of love with yourself, the state known as Ecstasy. First of all these kind of love need lot of training to become maturity. By love everything concept take you to state first unconditional, this can be offered to all living non-living even to matters too. By practicing love gives you lot of Ahimsa. if a plant is broken, the tears need to come from your beneath of the mind. 

Both Love and Ahimsa is intermixed thoroughly. Anything hurts the same pain must be expressed in all manners. Also very big problem is the finding differentiation between love and friendship is impossible. That’s why in cosmic relationship were all in name of friendship only. Keep the divine always in a relationship of friendship only. I am seriously talking about serious love not this infatuation please. A love without Lust, A pure friendship without lust. That a person can show it in anything even on a big stone or rock. Matter is not different relationship is different. People used say fall in Love, Love is blind also that person move from Reality to illusion world. That love admixed with lust. i am not talking about that love. 

The dance of Ecstasy is Life. Glory, Peace, Calm, Truth, Wisdom, and Bliss were all this is the beads of Garland (Mala) of Ecstasy. A yogi can see, realize, experience and live in this way. You are the gate and entrance for the Ecstasy. Physical Body is only a shell, which is having treasure of happiness inside. But people used to search the treasure outside in world. Right from the outside (World), Life is too confuse. Its requires only a little understanding that silent watch and patience to see the self from outside, Where the Real Ecstasy lies. 

From a regular worldly life a person cannot think of these Yoga and all many people come to me to teach yoga, If i says yes i can but you have start follow the disciplines, then the immediate answer is i will come later. Some people asks me is there any yogic practices without disturbing my regular life, is there any practices. People were all immersed, diffused with their lives. They were not interested with yoga, May be they used to say i like yoga, but they doesn't want to come out. it’s just like tearing them from their states. They were all living and identified with their own mind and ego, they simply and very strongly wrote on their bottom of their mind that this is eternal, just fighting, struggling at last die for their lives till the end of 40s. If the crossed fifty their body is supporting, Illness and deceases, Handover the Charges of their life holds, by these swifts they thought that they left lonely in the darkness. On that time most of the people become too sick because this swift.

The Loneliness and walking in the darkness were all choose by a person, Not be gifted by others including the time. Yoga is the Choose the lonely in the dark that is ecstasy, in earlier Stages and ages the common man became seeker and spends little time to start these practices. Once the people got old these swifts won’t allow that person practice because there are plenty of fears cloud their visions. They became very weird and try to prove them stronger; on that time they cannot start the practice. It’s like a deposit their money in a bank for their life safety. On those ages they have plenty of time they easily get into it easily and they can enjoy the REAL ECSTASY. People need to stay safe, healthy and peace without any fear. They may not have much patience while in the younger stages; as well intellect may not contemplative or discriminative knowledge. But slowly start the practice and stage by stage they can grow in the yogic states.

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