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As we did a duty or anything as cause and there will be Effect as result. Experiencing the result by the indhriyas and anthakaranas (Inner and Outer senses) is known as Realization. The Result effect of a cause can be experienced by the way of realization, whether it is happy or sorrow, good or bad, pain or heal everything were all the effect of a cause which seeded by them. that result reflects in all of their senses, those experience of effect in many of the ways show their impact on senses, that experiencing system we can says that the realization. Example if a person did a good thing and he got the result a happy and that happiness reflects in all his senses as well as their mind, intellect etc.. The entire system is realization, for a time being the happiness stays and the person enjoy the result with all his inner outer elements and its rule the person. If a person is identified with his mind and Ego (Common People) means the effect becomes the man, The person filled with those exclamation, joy or misery etc.. Because the minds as well as his ego exaggerate the effect with maximum level make the man that. They didn't understand that THIS TOO WILL PASS AWAY. The Joy or Sorrow (Effect) Lives for a time being and it vanishes when another replaces old. its a continue as chain reaction. Still the realization going on and on, till the person leaves his breath. 

Human being having something extra to think differently. But only in this case the realization is never ending story. 
That’s why Buddha Realized, 

.) SARVAM DHUKKA MAYAM (Everything is filled with Sorrow) 
.) On the realization misery he try to find a Cause of Sorrow (Dhukka Karanam), 
.) So again he try to find a solution (Dhukka Nivaranam)
.) Finally he found a way for this riddle (Dhukka Nivarana Margam) 

People having a superstition that yoga is spiritual religious way, its only for a person who is interested to come out of their lives or become sanyasis need to take this path. Yoga is the way which will ruin the regular worldly life and its enjoyments etc. An atheist can practice and they can attain the stages of Yoga, There the Realizations prove that the Yoga is not a unknown way without any goals. 

Yoga is full of result oriented Realizations. In yoga requires a great quantity of Contemplative and Discrimination knowledge because everything the yoga teaches will raise a question himself and immediately the seeker need to try and practice and varies ways and types get the answer. All the Answers were all in the form of Realization only. If a Swadhyey says Concentrate on tip of your tongue and seeker can taste and feel the Divine (Cosmic) Realization. Then the seeker need to contemplate and practice himself, For a little practice it’s not realized, But slowly the seeker start realizing the vibration, Feeling etc. This realization cannot me documented in the picture, smell, colour, taste and sense perception. But the seeker can realize the experiencing the Vibration and with a very good practice he can taste the Cosmic Realization. This realization needs the great knowledge of silence and attention, then only the seeker can realize the vibrations. Example usually a person got stomach-ache because of untimely eating habit means, If he start practice of yoga that stomach-ache may stopped. he used to forget that disease, That’s why they need knowledge of silence, patience and watchfulness. 

Also they must not misdirected by false vibration (Branthi Darshan). Its Happen only in Yoga, Because As a person start the practice, in a short while around a month of practice the disciple used to says that " I got a great vibration in my Sahasra and there is weight of kilo pot like pain, So i attained sahasra and please confirm. These false identity of realization is need a Guru to identify where the seeker really. Because even if you attain the Guru identify and he will confirm to the seeker. Because all the realization will not come as established. firmness will not come. initially there will be glimpse, that glimpse come again and again only by continues sadhanas. And it took a sizable time to establish. Practice continuously established realization take the seeker to the next steps. There is no double promotion will be in yoga. 

Our Human senses recognize the notes of vibration; even our intellect cannot recognize the Vibration of realization. There is beyond a perception required to understand and recognize these short notes of Realizations. How it comes, where it moves, where is the next point, how to move etc.. The great practice is there to practice continuously. Usually in the beginning these realizations were are all just Glimpse and cannot be recognized, slowly the cognition over the vibrations increases in every practice. By the continues practice only the realizations recognized, then the seeker understand, When the understanding increases the Recognition of short notes as the realization. Here the REALIZATION OF SELF STARTS. This is the milestone of Sranayoga. 

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