Thursday, 30 April 2015

Heal through Human Magnetism

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Our SRANA Guru Offer us whatever we ask..

The Earth is a piece of magnet, it has north and South Pole and we know that the same pole repels and opposite poles attracts. Simply do our Srana Yoga, activate, and tune Chakras to make our body as a Piece of magnet. Through the gravitational force the tuned body can charge and discharge magnetic energy from earth.

I understand that what we can do with that magnetic energy, for an example you can receive or observe some quantity of Lightning and store in your body from the sky, without a single scratch in your body. But this magnetic energy can heal any sort of Decease and All types of pain and cure of all types of inner physical wounds. Not only in presence this Pranik type of healing can be done remotely. If you sitting here and The magnetic energy cure the Patients in America. Srana Yoga smartly teaches the ways to grasp the Magnetic energy.

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