Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Srana Yoga a Practice

Srana Guruve Namaha!

Keep Hope and Faith on our SRANA GURU, Here he clear our Ways…

We already discussed that our Srana Yoga, A practice anybody can Practice any time anywhere without any particular Sense or perception. If you are a Human, you can start Practice Srana Yoga for your Better life. For that, there are no bars like Religion, Race, Caste, Educated or Illiterate, Any Community.

Whenever a Human Being handling his Inner Body (Soul) himself to live better way, rollout from their All types of Problem (mental or Physical) without a Doctor or a counselor. They can understand themselves who they are. Usually the inner body see what your Physical body doing. Whenever you Eat your inner Soul just watch that’s all. When you are in joy or sorrow the soul watch the thing happening. It will not react or express anything. It does not have joy or sorrow. This is how your Inner body happens. That simply belongs to Universe, So you need to Practice Srana Yoga to help your Inner body to Physical Body.

Yogi will continue..

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