Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I am a Yogi

I am a Yogi,

Who is practicing Yoga for several years.

Here i need to explain something. I am not inventing anything in Yoga.

Yoga may be an art, But it a Life science. 

Its grows only like bamboo tree. From the outside it won’t show anything. But the practitioner experience the goodness every stages. The question is why i am doing this blog and what the uniqueness is. Yoga is a vast subject and right from all religions scriptures were all saying indirectly to do yoga only. I am not trained anywhere but i have numerous gurus in my life who were all thought me Yoga. I cannot remember when its starts. I struggled a lot to collect the Yogic sutras from various writings of the masters. Here i am doing two things, Yoga is not a religion or not belongs to any particular religion, there too many religious leaders and masters practiced and said about from their point of views. Right from the Vedas to Prasthanathrayam I gathered a lot about yoga. 

1) Still i am collecting the sutras from various sources and make it in an order. There is no such theory, in an order, first what to do, then what to practice next and again do this, like wise there is no such order or continuous chapters and lessons. I am segregating and now i am practicing. That’s i named Sranayoga. Srana guru is a name of a teacher and from his teaching i started make in to order of these Yoga syllabus. I didn't alter anything from these sacred writings.  

2) I already told that i didn't learn from a teacher or school, so only through self-learning and aggressive practice of SRAVANAM, MANANAM AND NITHITHYASAM; I am doing practicing regularly and continuously.  I am making a documentation which were all useful to the Real Seeker of Yoga, Who want learn it properly. As a guru i will be happy if anyone this world who can use these documents to useful their practice. 

Also no doubt, I can teach the Real Yoga (Sranayoga), those who need to learn with full Intend. Because people nowadays only attend the class for time pass or Pravachan, they just enjoy the show and chapter closed. The real needy i will help them to lift and properly teach yoga in its manner. Nothing is required Except Patients. 

I am not a professional Writer to write professionally in Sranayoga Blog. Also I am not a Professional Speaker to speak professionally. I have a set of Real Worthy Knowledge of Yoga and i would like to Spread show the Real nature of Yoga. Without any commercial Intention I am doing this. If any Mistake please forgive me.

Stay Tuned with Yogi, Will Continue...
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