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Anybody can do yoga with or without guru. Some people they themselves practice yoga. Basic concentration in a particular work or point is known as yoga. They don’t have perception about that and they practice the same with their lives. They cannot continue to go to next stages. But the same stage they expertise and they get the benefits.
Simple way of doing with our life is share all your day to day work your spine. This is little hard in starting. For an example if you drink a tea whenever the tea touches your tongue share the taste with your spinal card. If a nice fragrance and you start smell that you can share the fragrance with your spine. Just like that you can share all your feelings, emotions, sound, smell, taste, even pain etc. with your spine.
You can share the any part of it. It starts in upper neck (Vishudhi) to ends in the lower back (mooladhara) anywhere in your spine you can share all the said things with that. That’s the basic and travel in the path of yoga. Especially if you share your Goosebumps the entire card will refreshed. If the seeker is doing the Chakra Meditation he can do this kind of sharing. Even those who don’t know about these kind of mediation or yoga, no problem they can also try to do this, Bu practice this can be reached and the same experience developing inside and that will also teach something to the seeker.
The Pleasures and pain can be shared, The inputs from all the five senses can be shared, Sharing means you must contemplate and Discriminate that, How can be possible. When you start eat a piece of mango, First you bite a piece and whenever the taste reaches your taste buds you can just realize the pleasure, Concentrate on the taste and the piece let it travel through your entire tongue, before it reach the throat, end of the tongue move the concentration to your spine. That will move don’t worry, go on try this and this is very good practice for a seeker. Similarly any input can be shared to spine and the chakras getting refreshed, energised. The same way your emotions, initially sorrow and anger cannot, because you were not able to remember, rest of all emotions can be shared. You can experience a lot in a different experience. If this emotion sharing practiced regularly leads to rest of two emotions (anger and Sorrow) also can be.
The Ear is a very sensitive sense, the same purpose commercially doing some high frequency and theta music for your Chakras. Really this music was all reach your spine only. Now do a very simple Practice for Ear. Take any song (Like mother sentiment or Bhakthi song etc.) Sit privately and listen with closed eyes. Slowly hear in minimum volume on hearing move your concentration along with the sound from your ear to spine (Anywhere), Feel the vibration of song in spine. It won’t happen immediately, may be one word or two words in a song firstly and you can practice in a same way. Also you can try in Bliss Coded Sounds like Chirping of birds, Rain fall, Water falls, Beaches, Sound of leafs in forest when the wind blows Etc. Sit in open place in evening and see the sky or green garden or any water body etc. just cover entire scene like a camera through your eye and concentrate of the picture move the concentration to your spine. Sit in cool place and do the practice with fresh rose flower or lotus flower it can be practice for the both nose and eyes.
It’s all right how come pain can be shared. For an example there a severe pain in your knee, slowly the pain start hurting you, concentrate on pain spot try to enjoy the pain, move your concentration along with pain to spine, see the magic. This cannot be applying some sort of headaches. Likewise you can share the many things like bathing, the touch of water warm or cold, sweet breeze, hot of sun etc. Only thing need uninterrupted practice is needed. It will grow the yogic energy from the nature and external elements in varies forms.  This is use full very good practice in Sranayoga. Without any yoga practice you can start and experience the great experiences, which automatically put you in Sranayoga practice.


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