Friday, 12 February 2016

What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 3

What Srana Yoga Give? PART - 3

If a Seeker practice regularly to make their both mind and body neat and clean to enter the next stage of search for third work (third world). First of all they need to taste the effects (Result) of yoga smell the fragrance of the oneness. If one try to start to practice yoga means these preliminary exercise make them tired. Yoga had lot of stages and several levels. If the beginner got tired in the starting stages means they cannot travel a long time. In the starting itself everybody while introduce about yoga will be higher about the results of yoga. But by these initial practices once they fed up or stuck in the initial itself. They never try to cross to go even the second stage. Even a beginner knows about the stages was also cannot cross to next level or stage. For that purpose the seeker need to keep warm, by Listening or reading (Swadhey) of the lectures. Pravachans were keep the seeker alive with yoga.The VYRAGYA AND ABYAAS were the two limbs of practice. Do not get tired, Hesitate and dejection on practice. There they required to Shradha to stay connected and regain the consciousness on practice.  

Yoga is an ocean, a life time travel even a life cannot complete the entire levels. In on every stages the practitioner can experience and reap its yield, through that yield they can help others means general public. In our good old days Maharishis did that, they give boon and curse. They earned a some amount of universal energy they empty their energy by offering boon or cursing any one. So yoga is the practice to gain and earn the energy and handle it. Handle and operation of energy is like playing with knife, which can create as well destruct. Earn the energy, learn to handle, through that helps the needy of it. With these preliminary exercise they cannot earn anything. Even they cannot experience it goodness. Only they may heard or read they were not able to experience it. Through the dedication their mind and body can achievement can be a success. 

Dig deep and deep to and remain silence only, the seeker can understand, feel and realize such yogic stages. Every thing is important, no practice the seeker cannot ignore or overlook. Because Yoga is not a one day or one year or one decade practice. its a Life time practice, That may continue even in their next birth too. So the practice all the systematic THREE FOLD PATH, But the seeker slowly immerse into it. When a common man feels about his life of misery he need a swift to practice yoga without any late. Its just a practice of BEING HUMAN, LIVE THE LIFE AS HUMAN WITHOUT ANY SORROW. 

to be continued... 

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