Friday, 10 March 2017


One who starts practice the Srana Yoga means he needs to follow this threefold path. Those were all described briefly. 

1) Physical Body Practice Gross Level
2) Sookshma Practice Settler Level
3) Gurus Teaching Theory Swadhyey (Sravanam)

The continues Balance practice of these three is leads to Srana Yoga Living or Srana Yogi (At least for a Year)

1) Gross Level Means Physical Existence level, Nowadays The Gurus Teaching only these Two things. YOGA EXERCISE AND PRANAYAMA. One need to keep the body Fresh and fit to practice anything even for regular hassle less living. Generally Yoga Exercise is not compulsory, Any Body fitness exercise. Yoga Exercise will give little more and easy to follow and once you learnt need not go to Gym and all. Then the Pranayama must learnt from a Guru and practice regularly to keep our life forces inside our body keep fit to transcend. 

2) Sookshma Practice Must learns from Guru, because it varies from Student to Student. The Guru can evaluate the Body Mind and Intellect of a student, on that basis the Guru will suggest or train the student. It’s all Nadis, Chakras, Live Force Streams and Currents Etc.., these cannot be seen, Where the Yogic Power Resides. It cannot be understood by a Student there must be consecutive classes to be attended and practice properly and slowly without any overriding. Initially the Student may Get Dejection, after effect Improper Results, To overcome these things a Supervision of Guru is a Compulsory one. Its fully settler level of practice. 

3) Theory By Guru Sravanam is a Back bone of Srana Yoga Practice. Here in Srana Yoga Teachings were the Basement. It must settle in its way, from the scratch the GURU start, From the Introduction, Induction and churn your intellect. So many ways to explain with numerous examples till the Student get clarification. When you listen to you a Guru 20% of the listening only take to their intellect. Again and again listen the same in varies views, which strengthen their all both the Gross and Settle Practices in a right way. 

Here Both the Gross level and Settler Level must be balanced by the Sravanam. Also only by the Sravanam the Student can Realize where he standing, As well as whether he is on the right track or not. The truth is they need to stay on the line of Practice not Lost from their path. People sometimes lost from their path of Yoga, That can be avoided only by the Sravanam By a Guru

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