Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Abyas and Vyragya (Practice and zealous)

Abyas and Vyragya
(Practice and zealous)
Sranayoga is based on these two things only. Uninterrupted practice and Unshakable, established abidance.

“Dheerga Kaala Nairanthariya Sarkaala Sevitho Dhrudaboomi”
– Patanjali Maharishi.

Here the time has not finalized like 3 months course, 2 years Course like that. Go of practice without giving up. There are so many obstacles will disturb the person. He would not dejected by the distortions and disturbance. He might stick on to the practice without any gap. Because it doesn’t have any time bonding. The Yogic Power is not measurable and those devices were not statutory one. Also there numerous stages to be crossed, Also there is no milestones to identify that where that person is really standing. It resides and growing slowly and without any rumpus. The Guru can tell them to know the level the person on that time.

The Core stages “VITHARKA ANUGATH, VICHARA ANUGATH, ANANDHA ANUGATH AND ASMITHA ANUGATH” Only with the Strong Practice without any break. Even when there is not improvement on the Sadhanas. Yoga is dealings with These Mana (Mind), Buthi (Intellect), Chitt (Can be explained by a guru only) and Ahankaar (Ego) Sookshma Systems. So this much of Systematic Practice must be followed by a Seeker for a long time, without any distraction.  

With the Discipline of Yama and Niyama and 8 qualification Sranayoga practice must be done Practice and with strong abidance make the person fulfilled Sranayogi.      

Yogi will continue….

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