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This is a very base and strong subject i try to give an abstract of the subject, it’s a very big subject it cannot be describe this much of brief, and let me try. 


As the starting just a knowledge, on contemplation the same is slowly developing as friendship. Unconditional friendship is having a great respect on it. That Respected finally evolution as LOVE. There will be only silence. Here all developing, evolution were all only through the height of understanding only. An example a student understand a subject say, Mathematics means first he take it as a just subject, slowly he understanding the subject and develop friendship with maths subject, again he practices and became and keep a great respect and finally he loves the subject and the subject of mathematics loves him. A car owner loves his car, he speaks to it and that car will respond accordingly, the car owner used to wailing to his car, he share his happy and sorrow with it. this is kind of understand of love. Similarly who loves their pets, someone loves a particular tree, from his child hood the tree may grow, SO they thought brother hood. 

Generally in Yoga the yogi must allow the pain, Rumi used to say "NO WORRY ABOUT YOUR PAIN THEY ARE MESSAGES", so he says tries to understand your pain to read the message. Some of the great yogis used says, if decease comes do make a friendship with that decease, if you allow them they will become your friend so that you can understand, these understanding leads to a love and decease will not hurt you. When you’re learning becomes knowledge how it come? Only learning is not knowledge. Once you learnt that’s a superficial thing. When you understand the learning by deep contemplation and make those learning became friends and then love the subject is Knowledge. In a prayer itself People do not understand, what they are asking. There was small incident. ONE POOR MAN ASKED BUDHA THAT I WANT HAPPINESS. BUDHA SMILED AND SAID, REMOVE "I" AHANKAAR AND "WANT" IS DESIRE SO REMOVE TWO THINGS REST AUTOMATICALLY YOU WILL ATTAIN. So asking is great thing, need to use wisely. 

Here now for Sranayoga understanding is taking vital place. Any of the sage, hermit, muni rishis were never disclose the experience or realization on yogic stages, there is no testimony for stages of Yoga, it’s just because, the results of yogic practice depends on thousands of reason, it differs to bodies like finger prints. If one mahatma disclose any experience or realization of one particular stage may earlier to seeker or double crossed sometimes. If any absence of particular realization make the seeker dejected and he thought he went in a wrong way. In every yoga practice is seeker used do it in a settler level (aptitude level), So keenly follow the teacher, understand and do as per the teaching, Practicing, Contemplation then he slowly experiencing something and that has to be cleared by a teacher, whether the seeking going in a right way. An example finding chakras were not gross level, it must understand by the seeker with reference with the teacher only. These yogic practices were all even not understood by the average human brain, need a conscious understanding required a lot. The Conscious Understanding wont present, that need more practice. Shradha here a sizable value, because belief is required a lot to make a right understanding. First you have to belief and then practice and by continue practice only one can get an understanding the stages of Yoga. if he understand the stages and its dos and donts, the understanding itself escalate the seeker to next level. UNDERSTANDING IS THE STEPS OF A LADDER, STEP WITH CONFIDENCE AND UNDERSTAND TO ATTAIN. There is lot more to explain..   

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